Görlitz Aims to Cement its Reputation as a Film City

Photo by Tessa Enright

A film office has opened in Görlitz this year to make filming in Görlitz easier, even during a pandemic. The office will mediate between the film makers and locals, providing them with the support they need under Corona conditions. The film office is located at the Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH. The new office will hopefully strengthen the reputation of the city as a unique and advantageous filming location and attract more film productions.

In other “Görliwood” news, the film “Fabian”, which was filmed in Görlitz in the summer of 2019 is up for an award at the Berlin International Film Festival and due to be released July 1st of this year. The film stars Tom Schilling and Saskia Rosendahl and is based on the novel of the same name by Erich Kästner. The city of Görlitz is a stand-in in the film for the cities of Dresden and Berlin. Click here to watch a trailer of the film.

“The city of Görlitz has recently received world-wide recognition for its popularity with filmmakers. By far the most talked-about site is the Kaufhaus, a beautiful structure and one of the best preserved Art Nouveau department stores in Europe. In 2013 film director Wes Anderson chose the Kaufhaus as the interior filming locations for his hotel in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. But this isn’t the only film location – nearly every scene in the film includes a street our building in the old town. Wes Anderson wasn’t the only Hollywood star to see the magic of Görlitz – Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Chan, Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes have also spent time filming in our city. The beautifully preserved streets here are coveted by filmmakers because they serve as perfect stand-ins for pre-WWII Berlin or Paris.  Walking through the streets of our city, it’s easy to see why it is so beloved by filmmakers.” Find out more at Tessa Approves.