New Year’s Eve Revelers Break Shop Windows

Straßburg-Passage photo by Tessa Enright

This New Year’s Eve was different than previous ones. The sale of fireworks was forbidden across Germany this year in order to keep people from congregating and overwhelming the emergency services and the health system. The curfew in Saxony was lifted for the evening allowing people to be outdoors, however alcohol, gathering in groups or setting off fireworks on public streets and squares was prohibited.

This didn’t stop some revelers from setting off fireworks on public streets in direct proximity to shops with glass windows. In the Straßburg-Passage and the Theater-Passage tens of thousands of Euros worth of damage was done, with eleven window panes shattered and even cracks on the glass ceiling of the Straßburg-Passage.

The Straßburg-Passage is an Art Nouveau style shopping arcade built in 1908, connecting Berliner Straße to Jakobstraße. It was built by a man named Otto Straßburg, a merchant with a department store who wanted to create a beautiful location to attract shoppers. He acquired the shops surrounding his until he had the real estate to realize his dream of building the 115 meters long shopping corridor.

Theater-Passage photo by Tessa Enright