A New Police Chief for Görlitz

Photo by Tessa Enright

The Görlitz police have a new head – 39 year-old Susanne Heise. Heise began her career as a patrol officer in 2006 and studied at the Hochschule der Sächsischen Polizei in Rothenburg. Beginning in 2012 she was the press spokesperson for the department for three years.

Susanne Heise recently headed the Sonderkommission “Argus” (SoKo Argus), a new unit set up last year that consisted of 59 police officers from different areas of specialty all under one roof.

Crime rates have fallen since 2012, but people living near the border continue to feel unsafe. With this new unit the police hoped to prevent and combat border crime as well as to make their work more visible, to help counter the public perception of insecurity.

Heise will no longer head the SoKo Argus unit as she will now be responsible for all 190 employees of the district police.