A New Bridge Over the Neisse

Photo by Tessa Enright

The Görlitz city council decided this week to move forward with a feasibility study for a possible bridge location north of the city in cooperation with Zgorzelec. The bridge would be both for cars and cyclists/pedestrians.

A new bridge over the Neisse would help to relieve some of the traffic in the city center. The border closures earlier this year in response to the pandemic resulted in extreme traffic jams as people who work in Germany waited to cross border checks before going home to Poland.

Today there are five bridges connecting the cities Görlitz and Zgorzelec, which are divided by the Neisse River. There is a pedestrian bridge in the old town (Altstadtbrücke), a motor bridge near the city park (Stadtbrücke, or Pope John Paul II Bridge), the viaduct railway bridge, an Autobahn bridge north of Görlitz that connects Ludwigsdorf and Jędrzychowice and further south a bridge connecting Hagenwerder to Radomierzyce.

Once there were as many as seven bridges connecting the two sides of the Neisse River in Görlitz. They were all blown up by the retreating German army in May 1945. The old town pedestrian bridge has only been reopened since 2004. Since December 2007, when Poland joined the Schengen Area, there have been no regular border checks at these crossings.