Plans for Christmas Market Move Ahead Despite Uncertainty

Photo by on Unsplash

Planning for the Christmas market in Görlitz, called Schlesischer Christkindelmarkt, is currently underway. Inspite of the Corona pandemic, the organizers are hopeful that the market will still take place.

The Christmas market is organized by the organization Görlitzer Kulturservice, which gained experience with planning a smaller festival with heightened hygiene restrictions this July with the Tippelmarkt, a smaller traditional market and craft fair on the Untermarkt in Görlitz where craftsman sell their pottery wares with the usual food stands and live folk music.

The organizers are planning ways to make the Christmas market safer and adhere to the hygiene restrictions for Coronavirus. They will be spreading the market over a larger area and the stage for live music will be on the Obermarkt instead of on the Untermarkt. There are no plans for having fewer stands, and because of the size of the area the entrance and exits cannot be regulated and so guests will be asked to fill out contact information while they are at the stands for contract tracing in case of an outbreak.

The Christmas market in Görlitz is currently scheduled for December 4th – 20th. Beginning November 20th the open-air ice skating rink on the Obermarkt in Görlitz is planned to be open through January 10th and will be larger than last year. Additionally there will be a new Christmas market at the Postplatz in Görlitz.

If the incidents of Corona virus infections continue to rise, however, major events like the Christmas market would either have to be cancelled or the number of visitors limited to 1,000.