Concerns About Heat Spur Talk of Trees on the Obermarkt

The Obermarkt in Görlitz – Photo by Tessa Enright

Concerns about the surface heat on the Obermarkt because of the pavement and parking spaces have the city council discussing ideas for making the square greener.

Current proposals involve a complete redesign with trees and perhaps a fountain. In order for this to work, alternative parking needs to be made available elsewhere in the city. For this they are discussing the possibility of a parking garage behind the Jägerkaserne.

Even the topic of the Salt House and rebuilding the historic structure was mentioned Built in 1407, the Salt House was at times used as the town hall, a dance hall and storage place for salt and was demolished in 1851. The Salt House was located on the western side of the square.

Efforts to redesign the square could have benefits for tourism and local business as well, making the square a more attractive place to spend time.