Film Producer Announces Two Films to be Shot in Görlitz

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Michael Simon de Normier was associate producer of the 2008 film The Reader starring Kate Winslet, which was filmed in Görlitz.

The German film producer has plans to return to Görlitz again for filming this year with an international thriller titled “Whistleblower”. They plan to shoot scenes in the city during November and December, 2020.

His second planned project involving the city is a film about the composer Beethoven that was announced last year. De Normier reported that they were currently in talks to cast Bruno Mars in the lead role. This is yet to be confirmed, however it is clear that the film wants to cast a black actor in the lead role and that they are also searching for an actor to play the role of young Beethoven and will be looking worldwide to cast. Because of the Corona virus, the casting will mostly take place online, however the producer wants to hold a real casting for the role at the beginning of October at Lake Berzdorf.

The film producer is a fan of the city of Görlitz and wants to do what he can to help promote “Görliwood”. In 2019 he initiated and published an open letter signed by people in the film industry, many of them who have worked in the city previously, urging the people of Görlitz not to vote for the AfD candidate for mayor. “Alternative for Germany” is a far-right political party founded in 2013. Had their candidate, Sebastian Wippel, won, he would have been the first AfD mayor elected in Germany. Instead ,the CDU candidate Octavian Ursu won the race with 55.2% of the vote.