Sorbian-Language Band Seeks International Audience

Photo by Alphacolor on Unsplash

The band Skupina Astronawt wants contemporary Sorbian-language music heard all around the world. Started by  Matej Zieschwauk from Upper Lusatia, the band plans several small concerts, and new music videos. They can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The Sorbs are a West Slavic ethnic group that inhabit the region Lusatia, which lies in present day Saxony, Brandenburg and Poland. The Sorb population speak the Sorbian language and there is an Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian variant. In some cities, like Bautzen, many street signs are in German and Sorbian and schools are bilingual. It’s estimated that there are about 30,000 people speaking the Sorbian language today.

Most of their lyrics are in Sorbian and sometimes they find inspiration from old Sorbian song lyrics. The band says don’t have to understand the Sorbian language to enjoy their music –  „music has no language barriers“. Their latest videos on YouTube are for a song called Dwaj Hrodaj, which means “Two Castles” and Měsačk, which means “Moon”. English translations of the lyrics can be found in the video descriptions.