Owner of the Braune Hirsch Plans to Open Görlitz Film Museum

The Braune Hirsch on the Untermarkt in Görlitz – Photo by Tessa Enright

The Braune Hirsch is a very large baroque town house on the Untermarkt in Görlitz. Once it was a hotel and a brewery. Currently empty, it’s a popular filming location for filmmakers. Many German productions have been filmed inside, as well as several scenes from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Recently the city has unveiled Görliwood information stops, with several in the windows of the Braune Hirsch. There are tours given inside the building in German. Find out more here.

Wallpaper remaining inside the Braune Hirsch from The Grand Budapest Hotel filming – Photo by Tessa Enright

The current owner of the building is named Johannes Daume and he has announced the desire to open a film museum inside the building including tours, a gift store and a cafe. He is floating the idea of the name “Goethe-Cafe”, perhaps because parts of the German film Goethe were filmed there. Johannes Daume also owns the hotel on top of the Landeskrone. He is hoping for funding help from the city.

Actions like these will help to better market Görlitz as a film city – however at the moment it’s in the very early planning stages.