The Lausitz Festival Brings World-Renowned Artists to Lusatia

The Lausitz Festival is organized by Görlitzer Kulturservicegesellschaft mbH – Photo by Tessa Enright

The second year of the Lausitz Festival was kicked off last week by the prime ministers of Brandenburg and Saxony, Dietmar Woidke and Michael Kretschmer at the Staatstheater in Cottbus.

Lausitz is the German word for Lusatia, a historical region located in present-day Germany and Poland, the geographical center of Europe and home to the ethnic Sorbs. Lusatia is commonly divided into two regions that are geographically and historically different from each other: Görlitz lies in Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz) and most of Lower Lusatia (Niederlausitz) lies in Brandenburg.

From September 25th to October 16th there will be nearly 50 events in locations such as Görlitz, Cottbus, Lübben, Zittau and Bad Muskau. These events will bring cross-disciplinary offers to attract tourists to the region as well as to offer locals a special cultural program. The festival is meant not only to put a spotlight on the artists but also on the wealth of beautiful venues here in Lusatia.

For a full calendar of events, visit the Lausitz Festival website or follow them on Facebook. The next event will be on September 25th at Telux in Weißwasser – a Sound & Video performance by video artist Aron Kitzig.