Stiftung Umgebindehaus Selects Prize Winners

An Umgebindehaus in Großschönau, Germany – Photo by Tessa Enright


The Stiftung Umgebindehaus selected winners for its cash prize totaling 7000 Euros on September 13th, 2020.

The Stiftung Umgebindehaus is a non-profit foundation committed to the preservation of a certain type of folk architecture commonly found in Upper Lusatia. Known as an Umgebindehaus, this type of construction combines timber-framing with stone construction. The wood frames wrap around the stone structure of the ground floor and supports the upper floor and roof. These unique houses can be found all over our region.

The foundation received ten applications. The winners of the cash prize, totaling 7,000 Euros, were awarded for the quality of the restorations and repairs of the original substance, taking monument preservation into consideration. Three houses won top prizes:  

The “Huguenot House” in Ebersbach-Neugersdorf is currently the oldest-known Umgebindehaus in Upper Lusatia – dating back to the beginning of the 17th century. Despite its name, there’s no evidence that it was built by Huguenots. The Umgebindehaus in Lipova, Czechia was built around 1725 and is home to the tourist information for the village. The half-timbered house in Niedercunnersdorf has a façade completely covered in the slate tiles that are typical for these houses.